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Zombies on Parade

After humanity quells an undead uprising, the last two remaining zombies pair up in search of sanctuary, but instead find love.

Zombies on Parade

June 9, 2011 Lyrics 0


Look at you lying in the streets
the hero of the hour.
At the expense of other living beings
you garnered all this power.

Rise and shine, my friend.
Have you slept away your sins?
With your memory wiped clean
You can keep clear your conscience.

But you’re only fooling yourself.

This crusade you’re on is just a ruse
To mask your selfish need.
To be the big fish in a pool
Of Stagnant bigotry.

Now as your reign comes to a close
Try not to fear the pain
But before I suck it through your nose
I’d like to pick your brain.

Ladies and gentlemen court is now in session.

Indulge me if you dare
Tell me when did you declare.
That righteousness and murderous
were somehow a synonymous pair.

If we’re the evil ones
what are you, who kills for fun?
We struggle to survive all the while
We’re forced to hide from your guns

What kind of monster hides and runs?
What kind of victim kills for fun?

And now the table’s turned
You’re outnumbered and cornered
Now you stand trial for crimes most vile
I promise I’ll make sure you burn.

Your skin will shrivel and gray
with blood as thick as modeling clay
You’ll jerk and thrust as your limbs get stuck
And you’ll walk with us in the zombie parade.

Just think…

If you can visualize a world that’s free from fear and hatred
Then you’ve just visualized a fantasy that I’ve created.
A world where we don’t have to hide
where we are free to live our lives
It seems so perfect in my mind
How could it ever fail?

And we can freely do the things important to us all
Like ambling around aimlessly
Or hanging out in malls
We’ll indulge in all our favorite treats
Like flesh’n’chips and baby’s feet
And beer-battered brains,
How it sounds so stinkin’ yum!

There will be a renaissance like the world has never seen
When all the brilliant thinkers from throughout time convene.
We’ll learn from history’s greatest minds
Like Socrates, he’s back alive!
And Mark Twain will be on at five
Be sure and set your TiVo.

No malady can phase us because we are already deaded.
If there ever is a pandemic it was probably us who spread it.
Our parade will march across the land
From the melty peaks to the syringy sands
We’ll teach all who we meet our dance
And it goes a little like this.

I said it goes like this.

Parker and the zombies dance like they’re saving a rec-center.

And now a jury of your fears will read the verdict:


I’ll repeat that if it was not clear but I’m sure you heard it:


Just one bite and I’ll set things right and you’ll live like we do:


One little bite, we’ll reclaim the night
and you’ll join the Zombie Parade.

Come join the Zombie Parade
Come join the Zombie Parade
Come join the Zombie Parade
Come join the Zombie Parade

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