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After humanity quells an undead uprising, the last two remaining zombies pair up in search of sanctuary, but instead find love.


June 21, 2010 Events 0

Fri July 9 and Sat July 10 • 10am – 8pm

Superior Street Rehearsal

2744 W Superior St. Chicago, IL • Room 318

BROCK  • Human Male • Age 30-45 • Muscular
PARKER  • Zombie Male • Age 25-35 • Average to thin build
ZOEY • Zombie Female • Age 21-30 • Average to thin build

Collateral Damage Productions is holding auditions for their upcoming film, Rigamortis: A Zombie Love Story. The film is a 30-40 minute comedic musical in the vein of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, but is a far more classic musical in nature. It is funny and romantic, but also delves into questions about what it means to be human.

Casting is being held for three main characters (two male, one female), all of which must be able to sing and have some ability to dance or learn to dance. Please see character descriptions below.

This is a low budget film and we are unfortunately unable to pay any cast or crew members. However, we feel this film has the potential to do quite well both on the Internet and in film festivals, and would be a great experience for new or seasoned actors alike. The crew is very professional and has worked together on numerous features in the past. We can guarantee your experience will be fun, educational and worthwhile! We will of course reimburse your expenses and will provide food and hotels when needed.

Dates for principal photography are to be determined, but will be for 8 days in early October. Cast must be available on a regular basis during the month before production for performance and dance rehearsals and song recording. Principal photography and dance rehearsals will take place in Madison, WI. Producers will arrange lodging and transportation for cast members. On trips to Madison, you should expect to be available for at least two days at a time, possibly longer. Schedules are flexible and we will do our best to accommodate needs, but because of the nature of the film (musical!) there will definitely be some time needed to be put in before the actual shooting of the film. The director, producers and composer live in Chicago and as such, meetings, performance rehearsals and song recordings will take place in Chicago.

If interested, please send your headshot and resume to Rigamortis@me.com with your preferred role (Brock, Parker or Zoey) in the subject line. Feel free to ask any questions as well. Auditions will be scheduled in 15-minute slots, but walk-ins are also welcome and will be fit in as possible. After we receive your headshot and resume we will respond back with the sides appropriate for your role. In the audition you will be expected to read those sides as well as perform 60 seconds of a song of your choosing. We will have a CD player available for a backing track if desired.

Please email Rigamortis@me.com to schedule an audition time (15 minute intervals) and to get sides. Please specify which day (Friday or Saturday July 9 or 10) and a range of times that would work for you. Please include the part you wish to audition for in the subject line. Male actors may try out for either or both roles, please just mention both names in the subject line.

BROCK • Human Male • Age 30-40 • Muscular
The hero of the hour (for humanity, anyway), Brock has been the driving force behind the quelling of the zombie uprising. After losing his sweetheart (Zoey) to the undead epidemic, he swore a solemn oath to rid the world of any and all zombies and will not rest until he’s done so. The very embodiment of hyper-masculinity, Brock’s mere presence has been known to impregnate unwary passersby. Every muscle in his body is remarkably toned, with the exception, perhaps, of his brain. What he lacks in subtlety and aptitude he makes up for with a double-barreled shotgun and good old-fashioned stick-to-itiveness. But when he finds out that one of the last two zombies left on earth is his former lover, will he have what it takes to see his mission through?

PARKER • Zombie Male • Age 25-35 • Average to thin build
Parker’s lease on unlife has left him bitter and cynical. He was forced to watch his family (also zombies) get brutally murdered at the hands of an angry mob. Now he would like nothing more than to see the fall of humanity and the rise of a new idyllic zombie society. Though perhaps not as rugged and manly as Brock, Parker has a certain “undead boy-next-door” charm that has allowed him to catch the eye of a certain zombified lady (Zoey). Will Parker be able to control his dark nature or will he let it drive her away? Can he survive an encounter with her zombie-hunting ex-boyfriend? Now that his flesh is rotting, will his clothes ever fit just right again?

ZOEY • Zombie Female • Age 21-30 • Average to thin build
Zoey is searching for her place in the world since the zombie epidemic has left her with a new set of circumstances, namely the lack of a pulse. Sweet and caring, Zoey possesses a heart of gold, but is nearly just as dense. Her naïveté, however, allows her to see the brighter side of any situation, leaving her with a sense of hope that plays counterpart to Parker’s pessimism. Though she has quickly come to terms with her current state of being, a strong moral streak has left her with a reluctance to join in the timeless zombie tradition of killing to consume human brains. While her current state of undeath may have lowered her body temperature, it in no way has detracted from her beauty, as she has still managed to catch the eye of her newfound companion. Will her innocence and feelings for Parker be enough to see her through these dark times, or will her optimism crumble, when fate brings her face-to-shotgun with her zombie-hunting, long-lost love?

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