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After humanity quells an undead uprising, the last two remaining zombies pair up in search of sanctuary, but instead find love.

Dave Dewes


Since completing his education at Columbia College Chicago, Dave Dewes has been working actively in the independent film industry in the Midwest. Working mostly on the image side of things, Dave has worked as a gaffer and director of photography for several independent features and short films. While at Columbia, Dave also studied fiction writing and has been writing short stories and scripts since a young age. Rigamortis will be Dave’s first major foray into directing, he has heard it largely involves relying on the talent of others and looks forward to taking credit for their hard work.

Ted Campbell


Ted’s love of filmmaking began in high school, where he made many Super 8 horror films in his backyard working as director, writer, cameraman, actor, special effects supervisor and editor. Eventually landing in the film program at Emerson College in Boston, he completed a degree in film production. Soon after, Ted moved to Los Angeles where his well-rounded knowledge of all facets of filmmaking found him work as an assistant director. In the past seven years as an assistant director, Ted has worked on over thirty independent films including Miranda July’s second feature “The Future” and the Sundance award winner “Quinceanera.” In between assistant director gigs, Ted has written and directed several short films. In 2009, Ted won the Grand Prize in Script Shark’s Insider Screenplay Contest for his feature script “Blue Motel.”

Jenny Stolte Dewes


A 2008 graduate of the Columbia College Cinematography program, Jenny Stolte has kept busy working on shorts and features throughout the Midwest for the past two years. In 2003 she started the production company Collateral Damage Productions, which has produced two feature films and countless shorts, many of which did quite well in film festivals around the country. No stranger to producing her own films, Jenny is looking forward to the challenge of producing and shooting a zombie musical.

Greg Szydlowski


Greg is a versatile composer who likes to break apart established musical genres and then put the pieces back together in unexpected ways, creating music that is familiar yet oddly intriguing. Greg also writes and records humorous / satirical music. Posing as a variety of eccentric different recording artists for the label Pretty Special Records, he writes music that not only skews but also celebrates the conventions and idiosyncrasies of several diverse musical genres. Greg lives and works in Chicago.

Matt Olson


Matt Olson is a 2005 graduate of the University of Iowa. Since then he has been working both in television and film around the Midwest.  He is a skilled Gaffer, Key Grip, Shooter, Audio Technician, and has even won a few awards as a Writer/Director. He has co-produced both of Collateral Damage Productions’ features with Jenny Stolte, and as always is looking to take this project far beyond anything they have made in the past.

camera equipment provided by:

Spencer & Kim Meffert, SKM Ventures

lighting / grip equipment provided by:

Travis Moody, Red Star Pictures