Daily Archives: June 9, 2011

BROCK: I set my sights, I took aim there’s one, there’s two, and here’s me Look how I saved the day They’re carniverous beasts who don’t feel in the least so remember We showed no remorse, we stayed the course and filled them with lead Look what we’ve done, baby; […]

Brock’s Lament

PARKER: My life never began until I stopped living. My heart never beat until it was still. I had to die to feel more alive But I don’t want to do it twice. ZOEY: Dying was a shock but it gave me the chance To find someone new and try […]

Rest in Peace

PARKER: Look at you lying in the streets the hero of the hour. At the expense of other living beings you garnered all this power. Rise and shine, my friend. Have you slept away your sins? With your memory wiped clean You can keep clear your conscience. But you’re only […]

Zombies on Parade

PARKER It’ll be alright. We’ve got each other. Don’t need anything But one another. They call us beasts, they call us monsters They call us ugly, hate and taunt us But look inside, and you’ll see you as I do (spoken) You’re beautiful.

If I’ve Got You (Reprise)

BOB: There he is. The man of the hour. The pinnacle of potency, perception and power The man who stopped the hordes of freshly disinterred C’mon Brock why don’t you stand up and say a few words? BROCK: Not now, man. I’m not in the mood. Feeling kind of like […]

Hail Brock