Daily Archives: June 6, 2011

Brock: OMG. Could it be the one who used to be my lady? Is it she? OMG! What is this feeling? Oh god, is it jealousy? Death took her away way but to see her today fills me with feelings that just aren’t OK. And look who she’s with. Man, […]


Zoey: It’ll be alright Parker: They shot my brother Zoey: Don’t give up the fight Parker: Blew up my mother Zoey: Just because we’re reviled, exiled and hated. Doesn’t mean that we should not be elated. Just look at all that the world has here for you… Metaphorically. Parker: Chased […]

If I’ve Got You

BROCK: Let’s Brock! I set my sights. I take aim. I pull the trigger, now show me some brain! That’s one, that’s two, that’s three, Look how I’m saving the day. It’s hard to think that a few weeks ago, I was just your average joe. I wore a tie […]

Burn! Burn! Burn!