Carnage on Graves Farm (2009) (with Frank Merle Films)
The Thompson kids spend every summer on a farm. As part of the tradition, they watch horror films every night in the creepy farmhouse basement and try to frighten each other with scary stories. But this year, no story or movie can compare to the terror that’s waiting for them on the other side of the basement door… Click here to view the trailer.
Morgan’s Last Call (2009) (with Frank Merle Films)
George hates making decisions. So he lets a flip of his lucky coin make decisions for him. But when he meets the girl of his dreams and his lucky coin advises him against asking her out, he is faced with the prospect of going against his coin to find love. Will he learn that he doesn’t need a coin toss to follow his heart, or was his silver talisman right all along? Click here to view the trailer.
Dream (2008)
A young girl is transported into another world, only to awaken safely back in her bed. But was it all a dream?
New Shoes (2007)
When a teenager is forced to get new shoes by her mother, she goes to great measures to return them to their former glory.
Stranger (2007)
A young man who keeps an almost “stalker”-eye on a girl that lives near him must decide between not revealing himself, or saving her life.
Phobia (2006)
A young man must face his monster-under-the-bed fears in order to move on with his life.
Mike’s Last Chance (2005)
Mike is VERY bad at delivering pizzas. His boss is giving him one last chance. When a customer gives chase, Mike must hunt him down in order to keep his job.
Telephone (2005)
The story of one night becomes quite convoluted as it passed from friend to friend.
He Seems (2005)
A young man’s life is not all that it seems from an outsider’s perspective.
Silent Hill (2004)
Based loosely on the video game Silent Hill 2, this short film tells the story of Luke who receives a strange letter from his recently deceased wife.
Smoosh Wars IV (2004)
The fourth and final installment of the Smoosh Wars “Quadrilogy”, this film finds it’s heroes face-to-face with their nemesis and his most powerful weapon yet.
Profit (2004)
A group of con-artists must test the foundation of their relationship in order to enact revenge on their former colleague.
The Business (2003)
A young man must find his way out of the family business.
Smoosh Wars III (2002)
The third installment of the Smoosh Wars “Quadrilogy” finds it’s heroes in thralls with their nemesis, only to find he is an impostor!
Fault (2001)
A group of high school friends unknowingly spread a deadly drug amongst themselves.
The Way Things Are (2001)
A young man tells the story of a young couple from a small town who are torn apart by tragedy.
Smoosh Wars II (2001)
The second installment of the Smoosh Wars “Quadrilogy”, this film shows Whonton’s training as a young Padawan, as well as the defeat of another of Blur’s apprentices.
Smoosh Wars (1999)
The first installment of the Smoosh Wars “Quadrilogy”, this film sets up the world of Jedi Master Burpid and her apprentice Whonton, and introduces their arch-nemesis, Darth Blur.