Rigamortis: A Zombie Love Story (2011)

Rigamortis takes place shortly after humanity has put down a recent zombie outbreak. The last two zombies left “undead” are looking for their place in the world, while one lonely zombie hunter’s newfound fame and glory can’t fill the hole in his heart left by the recent loss of his now undead love. The characters are forced to confront zombies, angry mobs, double-barreled shotguns, and an ever-dangerous thing called love, until fate brings them all face to face in an explosive finale.

Rigamortis: A Zombie Love Story Poster

Rigamortis is a 40-minute comedic zombie musical designed for digital distribution. It’s an attempt to make a meaningful, high quality film outside the classic system of studios, distributors, and inflated budgets. It’s an attempt to prove that, thanks to new technology, we live in a world in which anyone with a good idea and enough passion can create something that is not only critically successful, but commercially viable as well. It’s an attempt to show that a handful of individuals with lights, a camera, and the absurd notion that they can make a zombie musical, can create something with the same level of quality and production value as anything that comes out of the classic studio system.

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Maxwell Glick … Parker
Boston Stergis … Brock
Lisa Musser … Zoey




Written by … Dave Dewes, Jenny Stolte
Directed by… Ted Campbell, Dave Dewes
Produced by … Dave Dewes, Matt Olson, Jenny Stolte, Marcia Stolte
Music by … Greg Szydlowski
Lyrics by … Dave Dewes, Greg Szydlowski
Length: 37 minutes
Format: Red 4K

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